Box Cutters

Box Cutter Safety

Here are some safety tips to follow that will help ensure that box cutters are being used in a safe, efficient manner:

  • When cutting material, extend the blade only to the thickness needed to cut the material.  This not only prevents damage to other items, but also improves cutting leverage.
  • Stay sharp!  Sharp blades will cut cleanly through a material.  Dull blades will tug and pull, which is more likely to cause your hand to slip and lead to an injury.
  • Always cut in a direction away from your body, using even pressure throughout the cut.
  • Stay focused and keep your eyes on your work while using a box cutter.
    If you are interrupted while using a box cutter, put it down in a flat, safe place.
  • Many box cutters carry replacement blades inside the handle so it is important to be careful when opening the handle so as not let the extra blades fall out.
  • If you drop a cutting tool, stand back and let it fall.  Never try to catch it!
  • Always pass a box cutter handle first and with the blade retracted.
  • Place your box cutter in its holder when not in use.