Cardboard Compactor


  1. Use the compactor only if you have been trained and are authorized to do so.
  2. Never climb into the compactor.
  3. Do not overload the compactor.
  4. Do not dispose of anything that could be considered a hazardous waste, such as: paint, oils, liquid, flammable solids, etc.
  5. NEVER bypass the interlocks!
  6. If the compactor becomes jammed, de-energize it and turn it off completely before attempting to free the jam.
  7. Stand away or to the side just in case something flies out under compaction.


  1. To start compactor:
    a) Load rubbish or garbage into open chamber of compactor.
    b) Turn control panel key selector switch to “ON” position and pull key out.
    c) Machine will cycle automatically and stop at rear.
  2. To stop compactor: Turn control panel key selector switch to “OFF” position and pull key out.
  3. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: Press the “STOP” button. This will immediately stop the compactor even in mid cycle.  Important: Switching the key to “OFF” during cycle WILL NOT deactivate the cycle.
  4. If equipment malfunctions: Notify your supervisors for repairs. Only persons trained and authorized to do so may service or repair the compactor.
  5. To de-energize or service compactor:
    a)Proper LOCKOUT/TAGOUT procedures must be in place before any cleaning, repairs, service, or adjustments are performed.
    b) Contact the Department of Safety & Environmental Affairs (818-954-2890) for signage for any out of service compactor.