Explosives and Pyrotechnics

  1. When working with explosives, flammable or combustible liquids, gases or chemicals on any set, prior notification shall be given to all personnel.  Also, wherever practical, the call sheet should state that explosives are to be used.
  2. Before any explosives or potentially hazardous sequence is to be performed, all persons involved shall be thoroughly briefed at a meeting on the site where the explosives are to be used.  This meeting shall include an “on site walk-through” and/or “dry run” with Special Effects persons and all the persons involved in the event.  The Special Effects and licensed Powder person shall plan and provide acceptable avenues of escape.
  3. The persons mentioned above shall clearly announce to all persons the location exits, escape routes and alternate routes.  The escape route shall provide absolute passage to the exterior of the building, structure or workspace.
  4. Each person should check the escape route in order to assure himself/herself that it is and will remain accessible.  Any person who is unsure of the designated escape route should check with the 1st Assistant Director and learn of the escape route before entering the work area.
  5. Only persons and crew necessary for the purpose of filming will be in the explosives area. All other personnel will be cleared away from the explosives area.
  6. Before rolling cameras, should any change become necessary, the Director will again call all persons involved in the event to another meeting to confirm everyone’s understanding of said change(s).
  7. No smoking is permitted in the explosives area and “No Smoking” signs shall be posted in all areas of the premises or locations where explosives and/or pyrotechnic devices are stored and handled.
  8. After each shoot, no one shall go into the explosives area other than the Special Effects and/or licensed Powder person, until or unless the Special Effects and/or licensed Powder person deems it safe to do so.
  9. No child under the age of 16 shall be near the area where explosives are used.
  10. Transportation of explosives and/or pyrotechnic devices shall be governed by the provisions of all applicable Federal, State and Local laws, and the proper authorities shall be notified when using explosives on the set.
  11. Make sure all explosives and explosive devices are shunted prior to detonation.
  12. Make sure explosives are detonated from a separate DC power source or isolated AC.
  13. When preparing pyrotechnics, make sure all radio transmissions in the area are ceased.
  14. An exterior shot check list, obtained through operations, should be filled out and circulated prior to filming any special effects on exterior sets, pyro, smoke, open flame etc.