Fall Protection: In the Event of a Fall

(NOTE: All falls sustained by employees in fall protection equipment should immediately be reported to local emergency personnel (911).

Self- Rescue: If a person falls a short distance and is conscious, uninjured, and can reach a working surface safely, the employee should do so and be taken to First Aid.
Ladder or Aerial Work Platform Rescue: if self-rescue is not possible, the next option is the use of a ladder, “condor,” or scissor lift.  This rescue depends upon the accessibility and condition of the person; the availability of appropriate equipped personnel and the necessary equipment. Ensure the employee is taken to First Aid.
Fire Department Rescue: if the previous rescue options cannot be accomplished in a prompt and safe manner, the fire department personnel will rescue the person using advanced techniques.

  • Establish verbal contact and continuously monitor the employee.
  • Watch for signs or complaints of suspension trauma: faintness, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, sweating, paleness, hot flashes, loss of vision or increased heart rate.
  • Continue to talk to the suspended worker; tell them to keep their legs moving to increase circulation.
  • Safely lower a rope with a loop tied in the end of it and the opposite end tied to an anchor point to the suspended worker. Have the worker step into the loop and stand up at regular intervals to remove the pressure on his legs created by the leg straps. This also enables him to shift his body weight around into a more comfortable position.
  • After the event do not continue to use any of the Fall Protection Equipment involved in the incident. Tag it, “Do Not Use” and return it to your supervisor or Production Safety Representative.

Report all falls to your supervisor and Production Safety Representative.