Fall Rescue

If a fall occurs, immediately notify the WB Fire Dept. (x4-3333). The order of rescue options will be as follows:
a. Self Rescue – If a person has sustained a very short fall and is conscious, uninjured and can reach the working surface safely and easily, this option is acceptable.
b. Aerial Work Platform Rescue – If self rescue is not possible, the next option should be to rescue the person with a “Condor” or “Scissors Lift”.  For this option to be feasible, take into account factors such as height of the person, obstructive sets, floor loading and availability of an aerial work platform.
c. Fire Department Rescue – If none of the previously mentioned options can be performed in a prompt and safe manner, the Fire Department will rescue the person using advanced techniques.
d. Report all falls to your supervisor. In addition, see to it that any equipment, including anchorage points, subjected to a fall is taken out of service and red tagged.