Hand Trucks and Dollies

  1. Always make sure the load is secure and doesn’t obstruct your vision.
  2. Keep the center of gravity of the load as low as possible by putting the heavier object below the lighter ones.
  3. Secure bulky, irregular or fragile items to the truck.
  4. Position the load over the truck’s axles so that the truck, not the handles, carries the weight.
  5. Keep your feet clear of the wheels and maintain good balance when moving the hand truck.
  6. When going down stairs or an incline, keep the hand truck ahead: when going up, keep it behind.
  7. Pay special attention to your surroundings to avoid jamming hands between the hand truck and doorjambs or other objects.
  8. Store hand trucks in a designated area where they won’t become an obstruction or tripping hazard.