1. Inspect all ladders before each use for broken or missing rungs, steps, split side rails, or other defects.
  2. Never use a metal ladder near electrical wires.
  3. Never place ladders in doorways unless protected by barricades or guards.
  4. Never climb above the second rung from the top on a stepladder.
  5. Never climb above the third rung from the top on a straight ladder.
  6. Do not over reach on any ladder; move the ladder when needed.
  7. Straight ladders should extend at least 3 feet above its top landing support point.
  8. Straight ladders should be tied down as close to the top landing support point as possible.
  9. Always use a 4 to 1 ratio (1 foot away for every 4 feet of ladder height) when utilizing a straight ladder.
  10. Always face the ladder when ascending or descending and maintain a firm grip.
  11. If you carry tools, use a tool belt or a bucket attached to a hand line to pull equipment up and to lower it down.
  12. When using rolling “A” frame trestle ladders, never extend them beyond twenty feet or manufacturer’s recommendation.
  13. Always lock the wheels to prevent any rolling or instability.