Metal Lathes

  1. Make sure that all gear and belt guards are in place.
  2. Never leave a chuck wrench in a chuck.
  3. Keep your hands off chuck rims when a lathe is in operation.
  4. Steady rests should be properly adjusted to conform with the material being worked on.
  5. When filing work in a lathe, always face the head stock and chuck.
  6. See that tailstock, tool holder, and work are properly clamped before turning on power.
  7. Never attempt to adjust a tool while the lathe is running.
  8. Never apply a wrench to revolving work or parts.
  9. Always use a brush to remove chips; never your hands.
  10. When possible, use pipe sleeves to cover work protruding from the end of the lathe.
  11. Before removing your work from the lathe, remove the tool bit.