1. Operate concrete, mortar and/or plaster mixers (mixers) only if you are trained and authorized to do so.
  2. Make sure all mixers with a 1yard capacity or smaller are equipped with grid guards.  The grid openings are not to exceed 4 inches square with a minimum clearance of 5 inches from the top of the grid guard to the top of the mixing paddles.
  3. Before using mixers and associated equipment, check that they are in safe working condition.
  4. Make sure all defective tools or equipment are tagged “Defective” and removed from service.
  5. Make sure all mixers are prevented from accidental startup (Lockout/Tagout) prior to maintenance or repair activities.
  6. Make sure electrical cables and hoses are placed where they will not constitute a tripping hazard.
  7. Make sure all safety guards and other protective devices are properly adjusted and remain in place. Promptly report any deficiencies to your supervisor.
  8. Block the wheels of the mixer when parked on a slope.
  9. NEVER reach into the drum opening with hands or foreign objects when the mixer is in operation.
  10. DO NOT add fuel or oil without first stopping the engine.
  11. ALWAYS stop engine when leaving equipment.  Never leave mixer unattended when in operation.
  12. Periodically check all bolts and fasteners on the mixer for tightness and condition.  The vibrations from the motor could loosen nuts and bolts.
  13. Before towing the mixer, make sure that the safety chain is securely attached, and that the tow bar bolt and lock nut are secure and in good condition.
  14. Always wear appropriate clothing and work shoes.  Never wear loose or frayed clothing, long hair, rings, etc., near mixers or other sources of entanglement.
  15. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses and gloves whenever using mixers.  If you choose to wear a respirator, see the “Respirators” Code of Safe Practice
  16. Lift and handle all material properly and with careful attention to the job.
  17. If concrete splatters on the skin, wash off as soon as possible.