Power Presses

  1. Only authorized and trained employees may operate power presses.
  2. Before using a power press, make sure you are trained in all phases of its operation. This includes an understanding of its capabilities, limitations, controls, and hazards. (See your Supervisor)
  3. Thoroughly understand all controls of the press and how to use them. This includes clear instruction on safe operation of the press, from start-up to shut-down.
  4. Be familiar with the safety guards and devices, and the correct use of this equipment. Never purposely defeat these controls. They are there to protect the operator.
  5. Be instructed in the location of pinch points and how to avoid them.
  6. Be instructed in the correct use of tools for removing jammed work, as well as the use of brushes, swabs or oil, for lubricating dies and stock. Know how to lock-out the press before beginning this work.
  7. Maintain a high level of housekeeping around the equipment, including the storage of parts, tools, dies, etc.
  8. Never operate the press until it has been checked and tested several times prior to production level operations.
  9. Report all problems or maintenance issues to the supervisor.