Soundstage Fall Protection

  1. When working in the permanent grid and truss system (perms) outside the catwalks and handrails, use Cal/OSHA compliant fall protection equipment.
  2. Before using fall protection equipment, make sure you have received training from an approved trainer.
  3. Prior to use each day, visually inspect all fall protection equipment. Document this inspection on checkout.
  4. Immediately remove from service any fall protection equipment which malfunctions or is involved in a fall.
  5. Fall protection equipment is designed for users within the weight range of 75 to 310 pounds only.
  6. Be sure that the body harness fits snugly and allows for full body movement.
  7. Make sure that the anchor end of the retractable lifeline is secured at a level not lower than your waist.
  8. The tie-off points located in the permanents have been identified with a yellow tag. These have been designed for a single user only.
  9. Avoid set lighting cables, spider boxes and other electrical hazards due to the possibility of current flowing through the uninsulated fall protection components. Report all substandard electrical wiring to your supervisor..
  10. Always attach the retractable lanyard as close to where you are working as possible to avoid or limit swing falls.
  11. Tie-off or attach to the anchorage point prior to being exposed to a fall hazard. Tie-off before leaving the catwalk.
  12. Do not allow the lifeline to become slack or pass under or around your arms or legs.
  13. Do not climb over or go around obstructions, i.e. HVAC ducts and sprinklers. If you need to gain access to the other side, attempt to use another anchorage point.