Trenching and Shoring

  1. Before digging, check the site for potential underground hazards including electrical conduits, waterlines, gas lines etc.
  2. A Trenching and Shoring Trained Competent Person is required to approve shoring operations.
  3. Make sure adequate barriers (i.e. guardrails, covers, and barricades) are provided at all excavations, trenches, pits and holes.
  4. Always construct the shoring system strong enough to withstand any probable weather condition.
  5. Re-inspect the excavation site and shoring after each weather change.
  6. Always employ a shoring or benching system in trenches and excavation deeper than 5 feet
  7. Before excavating, determine the locations of existing underground utilities by calling Underground Services Alert at (800) 422-4133.  They require 48-hour notice, unless it is an emergency.
  8. Before entering a confined space, make sure the air in the space is tested for dangerous gases and oxygen levels.
  9. Always place ladders extending 3′ above the trench at 25-foot intervals in any trench 4 feet in depth or greater.
  10. Make sure spoil pile is 2′ back from edge of all excavations.
  11. Do not remove shoring until all employees are clear of cave-in hazards.