Trenching and Shoring

  1. Contact the Production Safety Representative if you are planning any trenching job deeper than 4 feet.
  2. A Trenching and Shoring Trained Competent Person is to be in charge of any shoring operation.
  3. Before digging, you are to check the site for potential hazards.
  4. Adequate barriers (i.e. guardrails, covers, barricades) shall be provided at all excavations, trenches, pits and holes.
  5. A shoring or benching system is to be employed in trenches and evacuation deeper than 5 feet.
  6. Before excavating, locations of existing underground utilities are to be determined by Underground Services Alert at (800) 422-4133. They require 48-hour notice, unless it is an emergency.
  7. Before entering a confined space, the air in the space is to be tested for dangerous gases and oxygen levels.
  8. No part of any shoring system of an excavation shall be removed until proper steps have been taken to avoid hazard to men from moving ground.
  9. Spoil piles are to be 2’ back from edge of all excavations.