Whiteman Power Buggy

  1. Operate the Whiteman Power Buggy only if you are trained and authorized to do so.
  2. Wear all the protective clothing or personal protection equipment issued to you or called for by job conditions. (hardhat, gloves, earplugs, safety glasses, etc.)\
  3. Put all controls in “park” position before starting up.
  4. After starting, recheck all controls to make sure everything is functioning correctly.
  5. Be extra careful when reversing directions, as maximum speeds can change.
  6. Operate the controls smoothly – don’t jerk the steering or any controls. Avoid sharp turns and sudden stops.
  7. Never climb on the buggy or dump mechanism, or allow others to do so.
  8. Buggy is for one person only. DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO RIDE ON THE BUGGY.
  9. When traveling on inclines, slopes, ramps and downgrades, observe the following:
    a. LOADED BUGGY – point bucket UPHILL
    b. EMPTY BUGGY  –  point bucket DOWNHILL.
  10. Correct shutdown is important to safe operation. Follow these general steps:
    1. Come to a full stop.
    2. Set parking brake.
    3. Idle engine for gradual cooling.
    4. Shut off engine.
    5. Cycle hydraulic controls to eliminate residual pressure.
    6. Remove ignition key on electric start models.
    7. Block wheels if on a slope or incline.
  11. Dismount carefully using three-point contact and facing the buggy. NEVER JUMP OFF THE BUGGY.
  12. Do not leave buggy in the vicinity of ovens, furnaces or radiant heaters as explosion could result.
  13. Follow safe fueling procedures (see Fueling Operations.)