Working at Heights – Fixed Ladders

When climbing a fixed ladder over 20 feet in length without rest balconies, or that is not equipped with a ladder cage, you must use a ladder safety device. This equipment includes: a full-body harness and a sliding sleeve attached to either a fixed-rail or cable system.

Prior to using any fall protection equipment, Southern CA IATSE employees are required to have passed the CSATF Safety Pass Course D – Fall Protection.

  • Inspect all fall protection equipment prior to use.
  • Connect the sleeve to the “D” ring located on the front of your harness.
  • Connect the sleeve to the fixed-rail or cable. Connect the sleeve onto the fixed-rail or cable with the arrow pointed toward the top of the ladder.
  • Once attached, climb up the ladder normally. The detachable cable sleeve will follow you as you climb.
  • When you reach the top of the ladder, carefully disconnect from the ladder safety device to exit the ladder.
  • To descend the ladder, reattach your “D” ring to the sleeve and climb down smoothly in a normal manner. Allow the sleeve to “lead” you down. Climbing down out of position will cause the sleeve to lock onto the fixed-rail or cable.
  • If the sleeve locks, move upward slightly to release the sleeve.
  • You must be attached to the ladder safety system whenever you are on the
  • ladder.
  • Before using unprotected fixed ladders over 20 feet in length, contact the Production Safety Representative.