Safety Program Setup

This is a step-by-step guide to using this site to comply with the Injury & Illness Prevention Program. If you have any questions, Call the WB Department of Safety & Environmental Affairs (S&EA) at (818) 954-2890.

Step 1: 
  • Contact your Production Safety Representative to arrange a Safety Orientation Meeting for you and your Heads of Department.  If you do not not know who your Safety Rep is, contact the Warner Bros. Department of Safety & Environmental Affairs (S&EA) at (818) 954-2890.
Step 1A:
  • Check the Safety Pass status of every employee you hire.  (As of June 2018, this applies only to Southern California productions and/or Southern California-based crew hired in Southern California to work on productions anywhere in the USA.)
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Step 5:
  • State and federal laws require that your compliance with safety laws be documented. We have provided some simple Safety Forms to help you. A space at the top of each form will tell you who is responsible for filling it out, and when it needs to be done.
  • The Production Coordinator must fill outForm 2: IIPP Contact List  and Form 4: SERIOUS INCIDENT REPORTING PROCEDURES
  • Fill out the Safety Forms and use the FormChart as a guideline for what forms need to be done when and by whom.
Step 6:
  • Tell your crewmembers that they MAY NOT perform any work for which they have not been specifically trained and authorized!
  • Your Production Safety Representative can help you arrange for any training your crew may need, such as a forklift, condor, fall protection, etc.
  • Access the Codes of Safe Practices to help train your employees. Please have your employees sign an Codes of Safe Practices Acknowledgement Form for any Codes of Safe Practices you give them.
Step 7:
Step 8:
  • See that all Call Sheets refer to the appropriate AMPTP Safety Bulletins that apply to the day's scheduled production activities.
  • Attach .pdf files of the Safety Bulletins to your Call Sheet email blasts.
  • Post applicable Safety Bulletins on set where all Cast and Crew can review them.
Step 9:
  • If you will be filming on the Warner Bros. Studio Facilities Main Lot or Ranch, refer to the SAFETY MANUAL SUPPLEMENT for any questions regarding soundstage floor loading, hazardous waste disposal, paint recycling, etc.
Step 10:
  • Tell everyone on your cast and crew that they can anonymously report all safety concerns by calling the Safety Hotline at (818) 954-2800 or (877) 566-8001 Toll-Free Worldwide.
  • Important Safety Postings.

Congratulations! By completing this step-by-step guide, you have put your production on track to compliance with the Injury & Illness Prevention Program. If you have any questions at all concerning the safety of any aspect of your production, please call your Production Safety Representative or the WB Department of Safety & Environmental Affairs at (818) 954-2890. Thank you, and have a great season!