Safe Practices

This Company is committed to employee safety.

These Codes of Safe Practices have been prepared to inform employees of safety issues associated with their positions, and to recommend ways of preventing injuries while on the job.  However, we cannot monitor every employee, in every situation, every minute of the day to see that safe practices are being followed.  It is a condition of employment that each employee be committed to safe work practices daily.  All employees, for themselves and fellow workers, must take the responsibility to work safely and should report to his or her supervisor any unsafe conditions or practices observed. While most of these guidelines are driven by common sense, others are mandated by government regulations.  Failure to follow these guidelines could result not only in serious injury, but will cost valuable time and expense due to delays and/or shut downs enforced by Governmental agencies or  Management personnel.

Document receipt of Codes of Safe Practices by signing an Acknowledgement Form.

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